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#Featured on The National: YouTuber Peyman Rashid Al Awadhi shares his top cooking tools and tips

#Featured on The National: YouTuber Peyman Rashid Al Awadhi shares his top cooking tools and tips

As featured on, The National News.

Peyman Rashid Al Awadhi knows his way around the kitchen. The chief executive of New Media Academy, who simply goes by Peyman, is a food and lifestyle vlogger and bona fide foodie.

When he’s not producing videos for his YouTube channel, the exuberant chef is on the hunt for gadgets and hacks that make his cooking experience more fulfilling. He shares a few of his top tools and tricks with The National.

“I do love me a good kitchen gadget, almost as much as a handy cooking hack. I’m always either using a tech-driven appliance to cook up a storm or on the hunt for a cool new tool that can make my cooking experience more fun,” he says.

“If you’re looking to elevate your recipes, enjoy and savour moments spent in the kitchen or navigate your space in a smooth and time-saving manner, here are some products and suggestions to consider, from all-in-one gadgets to smart speakers.”

Save time with Quooker’s All-In-One Tap

“The latest addition to my kitchen is the All-In-One Tap from Quooker,” says Peyman. “I use it every time I cook because of how much time I can save. The tap works to generate boiling, hot, cold, chilled and sparkling water – all filtered and ready to drink from the same faucet.There simply is no need for a kettle in my home any more

“Whenever I want to make pasta or noodles, for example, I’ll fill the pan with boiling water, straight from the tap and, there, I’ve just saved five minutes.”

The vlogger also turns to the Quooker when he wants to create sparkling water-based mocktails.

“Rather than buying bottled sparkling water from the supermarket – which, let’s face it, is super-irresponsible when you think of all the plastic you’re wasting – I rely on the handy tap to generate sparkling water for me. Because it’s filtered, I can either drink it by itself or use it as a base to whip up a delicious mocktail,” he says.

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