Cameo Communications – PR & Social Media Agency in Dubai, UAE

Home to the world’s original famous banana pudding, Magnolia Bakery needs no intro! Magnolia Bakery is a classic American bakery, cherished for its selection of old-fashioned, freshly baked desserts and vintage decor.

The client’s mission was to internalize its marketing efforts, to allow its various channels to work together in better synergy in both an efficient and effective manner

Together with the Magnolia Bakery Team, Cameo has worked to put in place a creative and communications strategy that allows for cohesiveness and consistency in our creative approach. The Cameo team has worked on creating compelling and thumb-stopping imagery, graphics and animations for social media as well as key visuals adapted for the various instore requirements of the cafés.

Every month, the #CameoCreative team worked tirelessly to ideate and execute campaigns targeted at launching Magnolia Bakery’s monthly specials.

Our latest work for Magnolia Bakery, #TheAftertaste personified their monthly specials to allude to the feeling they leave, when they’re not around – a bittersweet campaign for a bittersweet Dubai time – Summer, when our loved ones fly back home and go missed for days to come. Each new special was personified to ask its owner, how do you feel when I’m not there? Do you remember the memories we share?

Magnolia Bakery’s campaign was ideated, curated and launched across platforms by the #CameoContent team.

Content is king, but community is where the fun is at. Every month, the #CameoPR team worked tirelessly to put in place monthly competitions that Magnolia Bakery’s audience eagerly awaited. We went beyond old school giveaways and sweepstakes with fun and out of the box competitions that ensured only true Magnolia Bakery fans got a first taste of our monthly specials. Yes please.

The Cameo team handled all Magnolia Bakery’s design requests, from menus and table talkers to tent cards and van displays. Every month, #CameoCreative put forward a new campaign idea which then translated to various formats and lived harmonious across all of Magnolia Bakery’s marketing channels. We adapted assets to different mediums and ensured all our ideas came to life beautifully.

But we didn’t stop there! #Cameo also handled Magnolia Bakery social media platforms and ensured every new campaign was brought to life with launch post animations, fun competitions and interactive instagram stories that made sure every new product launch left a mark.