Cameo Communications – PR & Social Media Agency in Dubai, UAE


We are content machines. Following a deep understanding of your brand, we help you put your best face forward, so your brand can be portrayed in an authentic and favorable way, and your messaging is always on point.

We are actors. We’ll adapt our tone of voice to match the personality of your brand. Watch us wear different hats as we change up our Instagram captions and visual look and feel to match your identity.

We are visual communicators. Artworks, podcast covers, gift packaging and all PR-centric design collateral falls down our alley. We believe positive representation requires aesthetic visuals to accompany it especially in the world of PR, so we work our magic and whip up the best designs the PR world has seen!


Every great PR activity needs a compelling cover. Whether you’re looking to create an artwork for an event, a packaging design for a gifting opportunity or a graphic for a podcast cover, we’ve got you.


We do the groundwork required to profile your audience, define your KPIs and establish your key pillars so you can put out the content that matters, in a relevant and targeted approach.

For any social media account we handle, we always ensure to bring fresh new ideas to the table on an ongoing basis. We go beyond the traditional monthly content calendars with ongoing content suggestions and execution plans that correspond with new trends in your industry.

We offer a tailored approach for every social media channel, so you can make the best out of your time spent on every platform.


We are ideation machines! We take the time to understand your business, audience and industry so we can construct your collaterals in the best light possible. There is nothing we love more than a 0 fluff, fresh and well-informed piece of content.

Our impeccable research capabilities, matched with our great copywriting skills – allow us to communicate your message effectively while ensuring you are always at the forefront of the industry.

Whether it’s a press release, photo caption, listing, opinion piece or any other type of collateral, our team can ideate and draft it impeccably.