Cameo Communications – PR & Social Media Agency in Dubai, UAE

Art of Dates is a homegrown, boutique dates company based out of Saudi. Sourcing premium fillings from around the world, Art of Dates prides itself on offering customers an intercontinental offering that gives a national sweet of the Kingdom an international flair.

Overtime, dates – a sweet so integral to Saudi culture, have come to be perceived as a holy dessert that is only seeked on Arab occasions and celebrations. That, in term has lessened the consumption of dates, especially amongst the younger generation. Art of Dates was looking to change the perception around dates by positioning it as a daily snack, rather than a holy dessert.

We set out to develop and implement an integrated marketing strategy, encompassing public relations, design, social media and paid social to instill that positioning and drive the change.

The Cameo team ideated and brought forward a new campaign platform, titled “Treat Your Mood” to instill a new mindset in consumers – allowing them to think of dates not as a holy dessert, but a daily snack and integral part of their culinary lifestyle. Your mood is like the weather, you can’t foresee it – but you sure can complement it with a date!

We established a fully fledged social media strategy and plan, that ensured to accomplish our goal at its heart. With a mix of informative posts that tacked the dietary benefits of dates, tactical content that ensured our audience was well informed about where and how they can purchase the dates and much more, we were able to increase AOD in store sales for the duration of the project.

Our design team revisited Art of Dates visual identity, giving its social media posts a younger, fresher and more vibrant look and feel. This allowed AOD to better attract its primary audience, the younger generation and stand out from the crowd.