Cameo Communications – PR & Social Media Agency in Dubai, UAE

HeroGo is the first grocery delivery company that eliminates food waste in the UAE. Eating healthily can be pricey, but despite this, around 1 million tonnes of food is still wasted each year in the UAE alone. HeroGo┬ábelieves this must stop, so they’re on a mission to rescue this perfectly good food! They do this by rescuing tier B and C veggies and fruit, and selling it at a discounted rate so it doesn’t go to waste.

For a concept like HeroGo’s to be loved and appreciated by the community, its’ target audience must fully understand its key USP. Why ugly? Is it perfectly safe? Should I be worried about consuming veg that’s closer to its expiry date? These are all valid questions – but the answer is yes, its safe – and no, you shouldn’t worry! But you can see how messaging can be extremely important when you’re launching a product like HeroGo – right?

#CameoPR set out to launch a new concept that is new and unprecedented in a way that will be favored by the community. Once we got the messaging just right, we set out to bring to life a PR launch strategy that included an ongoing stream of UGC generation, influencer gifting and campaigns as well as tier one media features.

We worked closely with HeroGo’s leadership team to secure features in tier 1 publications, such as Gulf News, The National and Khaleej Times.

We activated a community campaign targeted towards shedding awareness towards HeroGo while creating engaging and relatable content, to be used for promoted posts.