Cameo Communications – PR & Social Media Agency in Dubai, UAE


We work with new products, innovations and start ups, where our activities have real impact. We help founders and entrepreneurs define the value they bring to the world and consult them on how to drive their businesses forward. We lead with integrated, 0-fluff marketing strategies that cover the full spectrum of marketing services, including overall marketing, PR, social media and design so our partners can launch with a bang. All our strategies are actionable and to the point – Cameo Growth speaks for Itself.

Looking to grow into a specific sector instead? We also give your intricate innovation a lifestyle focus and angle, so we can reach, inspire and guide your audience on how your technology contributes to their day to day and make their everyday lives easier.

Thought Leadership PR

We research, understand and find the missing links in your industry, to help you lead on the topics that matter. We help you put forward your greatest insights on paper, and transmute your expertise to opinion pieces, exclusive contributions and more – to secure coverage in key magazines and portals.

Brand Identity Workshops

Revamping an existing brand, or launching a new one? Then you’re ready for a brand workshop. In an interactive workshop, we work closely with your team to define your brand’s vision and understand how it will go about bringing value to its audience with a unique set of benefits, personality traits and TOV. Brand workshops lay out the foundation for all work ahead and act as a great building block and necessity for any brand looking to make an entrance or grow.

GTM Strategy

Launching a new product? Building an informed strategy and plan is what we do best. By crafting a unique and customized plan for each client, the Cameo team is able to ensure you launch strategically.

We study your target personas, build your marketing plan and gear you up for your launch.