Cameo Communications – PR & Social Media Agency in Dubai, UAE

We reserve a special place in our hearts for the disruptors and change makers who are a driving force in shaping a less wasteful and more consumer safe ecosystem.

From Quooker, the world’s first all in one tap that helps homemakers cut down on energy consumption, to EroeGo, the UAE’s first platform to minimize food waste – All Cameo partners are changemaker brands.

We’re proud to have worked with some of the UAE’s most prominent drivers of change in the food tech ecosystem, that are helping change the perception around sustainability and make the industry less wasteful and more consumer safe.

#CameoPR helps our partners get celebrated for all the good they do by tying them up with the food and beverage industry’s leading titles, including The National, Khaleej Times, Caterer, Gulf News, Time Out and more.

#CameoSocial analyzes, curates and produces for social so our brands can be brought forward to the public in a way that is relevant and favorable – but most importantly true to the brand and what it stands for.

and #CameoGrowth leads with actionable strategies so our partners can launch or re-launch strategically, with a mixture of activities that serves them best.

Our approach includes a mixture of lifestyle and corporate activities that ensure your food tech brand leads on key industry topics, while being incorporated into key lifestyles that drive the business forward.

Our passion for food tech and accompanied extensive portfolio is constantly growing, having worked with delivery applications, surplus management platforms, smart and green kitchen appliances to date. Launching or already own a food tech brand? Reach out now and tell us all about it.